Insight Blog: Connections and Conversation

Hi friends!

I’ve been experimenting a lot with Clubhouse and delighting in a new platform that puts smart voices in my ears and new ideas to churn. In a practice run for the Higher Ed Marketing Community Chat room I’ve started there, my pal Paul Fairbanks commented that the experience is a bit like meeting an old friend or someone new at the coffee station in the exhibit hall of some big conference. Exactly right.

I’ve been missing those experiences, those conversations. Moments of connection, and often, inspiration that keep me moving forward or considering new directions. Maybe you have, too?

Clubhouse is new and if you’re not rocking an iPhone, inaccessible (for now, I hear). My thought is to share some of the discussion highlights here and also preview the topics we’re considering for our next meet up. Hopefully, this opens the door a bit wider for more of us to connect. Clubhouse may not be your jam, but if you’re reading this you probably know me or have real interest in talking about how marketing operations function on college and university campuses or new strategies to recruit, retain and re-engage students and alumni. Or anything else related to the business of marketing and selling higher education.

Last week we started a conversation about the forbidden words on campus. Here are a few that came up:






There’s a lot more to say about these words. Why are they hard to use consistently on campus and in our messaging? Should higher ed marketing operations function more in line with businesses? What would you add to this list? Subtract?

So, share your thoughts. Suggest new topics. Ask for an invite. (I need your iPhone cell number and you should probably NOT post it here—email or message me on LinkedIn.) Introduce me to the groups or rooms you’re digging on Clubhouse. Or just cruise by for a coffee refill and tell me about your weekend.

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